A Rendezvous With History!

"A Rendezvous with History"


At this point you most likely have seen the mini-series Band of Brothers and have read one of the many books on these Great Americans.  To quote Major Dick Winters..."You can't get the complete picture of their sacrifices until you actually stand where we fought.  This is the last piece of the puzzle".

Do not be "Beyond" fooled by others out there.  Band of Brothers Tours is THE source for your ultimate Band of Brothers Experience.   

  Participating in a Band of Brothers Tours experience will provide the last missing piece of the puzzle and complete your quest for more knowledge and history about these Great Heroes and men of Company E.  You will see the war through their eyes in the towns, villages and sights that they saw.  Hear stories and anecdotes not shared, heard or available anywhere else.  We invite you to join us for a once in a lifetime experience. 

The exceptional story of these great men is yours to experience;  their famous footsteps are yours to retrace. 


(L) "Hotel Zell" Col. Sink HQ in 1945 (R) The Grand Hotel today Zell am Zee Austria.  


The personal note at the bottom of this page is from Major Richard D. Winters to Jake Powers. It reads: "To Jake Powers, You are a true "Brother" to all men of Company "E". Hang Tough, Dick Winters."

The smaller note at bottom left is the first copy of Band of Brothers that was signed by Dr. Stephen E. Ambrose to Jake upon the delivery of the first books to Ambrose's office. It reads: "With thanks for everything. SE Ambrose."